Using the zodiac calculator class

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The calculator class works a a starting point to transform different types of dates into zodiac objects.

Instantiate from Scalar Dates

The calculator class can read dates from integer types (unix timestamp) as well as text strings, which can represent a relative time (last monday, tomorrow, last day of next month) or an absolute time (first day of June 1983, 2011-11-11).

use Intervention\Zodiac\Calculator;

// create from iso date
$zodiac = Calculator::make('1992-03-19');

// create from relative date
$zodiac = (string) Calculator::make('first day of June 2008');

// create from unix timestamp integer
$zodiac = (string) Calculator::make(1641719287);

Instantiate from Date Objects

You can also pass date objects (DateTime or Carbon) to instantiate new zodiac objects.

use Intervention\Zodiac\Calculator;

// create from datetime objects
$zodiac = Calculator::make(new DateTime('1977-03-15'));

// create from carbon objects
$zodiac = Calculator::make(Carbon::yesterday());

Continue reading to learn what you can do with the zodiac objects.